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Download Timed Shutdown for Windows for free. Turn off your computer when necessary without lifting a finger. Timed Shutdown is a tool that. Download Simple Shutdown Timer Simple software allowing you to schedule an automatic sleep, restart, or shutdown time for your PC. Download Shutdown Pc – Best Software & Apps · PowerOff · Wise Auto Shutdown · PC Auto Shutdown · Shutter · Auto Shutdown by Entru · Trend Micro Titanium Internet.

Download pc turn off timer. Timed Shutdown


There are no menus, no complicated options or dialog boxes. It is clearly divided into two panels. You can easily select which task you want to perform on the left and specify a time when you want that task to be executed on the right, then start the task. You can get the hang of it in seconds. When a task starts, Wise Auto Shutdown will minimize in the system tray and run silently in the background. Wise Auto Shutdown is completely free. It requires a pretty low quantity of CPU and system memory.

Shutter is a nice, free program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Automation and has been created Auto Shutdown by Entru is a good, free software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Software utilities with subcategory Automatic Sleepy is a regular, free software only available for Windows, that is part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Automation.

PowerOff 3. Free Download for Windows. Scheduled shutdown for your PC or remote PC. Windows pc remote remote remote for windows remote for windows free remote free.

Wise Auto Shutdown 2. Windows auto shutdown for windows 7. PC Auto Shutdown 7. Auto shutdown, reboot, hibernate or suspend computers at a scheduled time. Shutter 3. Turn Off Timer 1. PowerOff 3. Shutter 3. Auto Power-on and Shut-down 2. RS Somnifero 2.

HP Officejet J Printer series drivers. Your review for Sinvise Shutdown Timer. Your review for Sinvise Shutdown Timer Thank you for rating!

Leave a review. Set the countdown timer in minutes and minimize the application to system tray. You can select the option to force shutdown, in case any application freezes. The countdown is displayed on the UI. Smart Timer is another simple timed shutdown software. You can either set a countdown timer or set a defined date and time to schedule shutdown.

Now, under the Actions section, you can either choose a program to execute or set the computer to shutdown, restart, logoff, and hibernate. Click on Activate to begin the timer.

Pi Auto Shutter lets you set countdown timer to shutdown computer pretty easily. Set time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Then, click on the shutdown button available below along with restart, logoff, standby, lock, and abort buttons.

DeneDown has a very intuitive interface for you to set timer and view the timer status. Use the slider bar to set the timer anywhere from a minute to 24 hours. Set action as Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, or Restart. The remaining time is displayed through a bar. Use TimeOut to set countdown timer to shutdown computer. Set the timer in hours, minutes, and seconds, then select an action to perform, that is Shutdown. You can also choose from the following: show reminder, standby, suspend, reboot, and logout.

Choose to save the current setting if you like. You can schedule shutdown, restart, hibernate, and sleep easily with this freeware. Simply set a timer to shutdown PC or you can also choose to shutdown instantly. Options to start and stop are available. It also displays current system time.

MyShutdownTimer is one of the simplest shutdown scheduler software. You just have to enter the time in days, hours, minutes and seconds to begin the countdown.

You can select from shutdown and sleep options. Start the timer once you have set the time. Sleeptimer Ultimate is another free computer shutdown timer software for Windows. Using this software, you can specify the time at which they want their computer to automatically shutdown. On the other hand On Network Traffic feature can shut down PC when network traffic reaches a specific level. Besides computer shutdown, it can also be used to schedule sleep, hibernation, logoff, etc.

SleepTimer 2. You can select time in minutes, then choose from the following options: Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate. After setting the parameters, click on Start to begin the scheduler. Movie Sleep Timer lets you set timer if you happen to sleep while watching a movie. You can either set a timer or set VLC player as trigger. Set timer in hours, minutes, and seconds. The VLC triggers action when the player stops.

You can either choose to Shutdown computer or Turn off screen. Snaked Shutdown Control lets you set timed functions as: Restart and Shutdown. To add a timer for the function, click on Customize. Add timeout in hours, minutes, and seconds. Click on Shutdown or Restart option after setting time to enable the timer. Cancel the timer if you want. GoTimer lets you set weekly schedule to perform various actions. These actions include: Lock, sleep, hibernate, logoff, shutdown, and restart. Set a time, select days of week for which you want to schedule shutdown, and select the shutdown option.

A warning is displayed before the computer restarts or shuts down. All you need to schedule shutdown with ShutDowner is, set countdown timer in hours, minutes, and seconds. Click on Set and Exit and your shutdown scheduler will be activated.

Another option available is to Cancel Shutdown. PC Utility is a freeware to schedule activity as Auto Tasks. It lets you Shutdown, Logoff, or Restart instantly and automatically by scheduling tasks. Click on Auto Task button to set timer and shutdown task, then click on Apply to begin the timer. Timer can be set for 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes. You can also set a countdown after the timer goes off. The countdown can range from 1, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds.

You can choose to cancel the timer or shutdown the PC instantly. Quick AutoShutdown is another minimal software to turn off computer automatically. All you have to do is select from a list of timers, which ranges from 10 minutes to 3 hours. All the timer options have 10 minutes gap between them. Simply select a time duration to start the timer. Another button available on the interface is to Stop the timer.

Mz Shutdown Scheduler lets you schedule shutdown, restart, hibernate, and logoff. Other shutdown options let you: wait before shutdown, play sound before shutdown, force shutdown, run program before shutdown, and display message before shutdown.

A warning is displayed before shutdown. Chameleon Shutdown , like most of the timed shutdown software, lets you schedule shutdown, restart, sleep, hibernate, lock , and logoff. Choose to shutdown instantly or time it. You can set a timed delay, specific time, CPU usage, or closure of a program to trigger an action. After setting parameters, click on Start to begin timer. PC Sleep is another simple computer shutdown timer. Choose the shutdown function, then select any of the two trigger modes.

You can either choose to Shutdown at or Shutdown in a specified time. Choose to restart, hibernate, logoff, or standby as per your requirement. MouseExtender lets you access control panel and schedule restart and shutdown easily. On the interface, click on Power button to access the shutdown timer menu. You can either select to shutdown, hibernate, or sleep. Time slider is available to adjust the timer.

After setting timer, click on Add to begin countdown. Other options let you choose Force Shutdown option and Stop timer option. Shutti Shutdown Timer is another turn off timer which lets you set a shutdown schedule in two ways. Choose to Shutdown at a time or Shutdown in a defined time period.

Else than Shutdown, you can choose to logoff, power off, reboot, suspend, hibernate, moniter off, or lock workstation. PowerOff has options to schedule shutdown for remote computers on the same network. Choose shutdown as option, or you can select any of the following as per your requirement: log off reboot, standby, hibernate, lock walk-on-LAN, turn off monitor, or turn on monitor.

Trigger the action as scheduled, immediately, or after a running process stops. Other options let you select the following options: warning message, run program, force application to close, visible in tray, and allow remote control. Click on Do It after setting parameters to begin the shutdown timer. Time To ShutDown displays the current time along with a dropdown list of timer options. You can choose: Now, 30 min, 1hr, 1.

Click on Enable to begin the timer. Set a time, and this freeware will shutdown PC everyday at the same time. The interface displays the current time and the time remaining for shutdown.

Shutdown Command lets you shutdown your own computer and computers on the same network. You just have to add IP address of the other computers. Choose Shutdown, restart, or log off as option. As other freeware, you can either select to Shutdown at a time or in a given time. Display notification warning and shutdown comment options are also available. WinShutDown is a simple shutdown timer software with the default time set to 10 seconds. No other time options are available. Click cancel to cancel the timer.

AutoShut lets you set or schedule Events to execute on a given day and time. Maximize the interface from the system tray. Go to the Scheduler option in the menu to open a new pop up. Select all or any day from the days of week, enter a time, then select the shutdown action from the list of actions. The list of action includes: shutdown, logoff, restart, hibernate, suspend, and alarm. An event can be canceled, modified, or deleted.

AutoShutdown shutdown scheduler lets you set time to shutdown at or shutdown after defined time. You can view countdown timer, which displays time left for shutdown. Click on Start to begin timer.


Download Shutdown Pc – Best Software & Apps

Wise Auto Shutdown is a small utility that you can use to schedule automatic shutdown, restart, sleep or logoff on your PC. Shutdown Timer Classic is a small little Windows app that allows you to set a timer which will shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep or lock your PC. Sinvise Shutdown Timer, free and safe download. Sinvise Shutdown Timer latest version: Schedule your PC to turn off by itself.


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