The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker – Outset Island

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Wind waker outset island theme download

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I really dont see a difference, ill stick with the original because it has more tracks and its better. Favorite Zeda game, favorite soundtrack. I like the smoother HD version, it’s just a bummer that it’s missing so many tracks.

I’ll stick with the original Gamecube soundtrack until this one is complete. For instance, wheres Aryll’s theme? Those are two big ones. The original Gamecube release has tracks, and this one has Wind Waker will always be something my dad and I share as one of our favorite games Each song sparks joy in my heart remembering my childhood with my father Thanks :. I love Wind Waker. Great share. This soundtrack only was realese for nintendo club japan, so this is the best way to come us.

Great download for fans, even if you have to download every single title at a time it goes by pretty fast. Some titles like the second wind waker outset island theme download of Molgera and wind waker outset island theme download. Now I gotta go replay the game.

Thanks for getting the songs stuck in my head lol. Awesome list. Glad to finally have it. Thegamer Jul 15th, Offline. Easily one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. It contains all of the music! Azure7th Apr 25th, Offline. I love the part during the Staff credits at BetaRayquaza Apr 25th, Offline.

Guest Reviewer Apr 25th, Offline. Awesome website! Make this even better guys! Registeel Apr 25th, Offline.

Juliust04 Apr 25th, Offline. The best videogame!! Great also, second favorite after Wind waker outset island theme download. Hyrule Castles Theme is missing. Great Soundtrack! It’s a bit smoother than the original one in Game Cube. I love this soundtrack tx a lot. Menu Select. The Legendary Hero. Outset Island. Forsaken Fortress.

Windfall Island. The Great Sea. Maritime Battle. The Second Maritime Battle. Open Treasure Box. Get Item. Get Small Item. Dragon Roost Island. Gohma Appears. Gohma Battle First Half. Gohma Battle Second Half. Boss Clear Fanfare. Get Heart Container.

Forest Haven. Kalle Demos Appears. Kalle Demos. Ceremony in the Woods. Gohdan Appears. Phantom Ganon. The Tower of Forsaken Fortress. Helmaroc King Appears. Helmaroc King. Princess Zelda’s Theme. Fairy Spring. Sage Laruto. Jalhalla Appears. Medli’s Prayer.

Sage Fado. Molgera Appears. Makar’s Prayer. Puppet Ganon Puppet Mode. Puppet Ganon Spider Mode. Puppet Ganon Hungry shark evolution game download for pc Mode.

Ganondorf Battle. Farewell Hyrule King. Staff Credits.



The Wind Waker Soundtrack – Zelda Xtreme

Play album. I have some on my Ipod. It must be tough getting all these songs from the game. Zunari’s Store. It’s the game that started my love for the Zelda series so I must Thank You very much! Guest Reviewer Apr 25th, Offline.


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Saturday 17 September Sunday 13 November Now I gotta go replay the game.

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