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A newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice must settle a controversial moral and legal dilemma with his tie-breaking decision which may also have serious. Ronald Bass Scripts Collection: Screenplays Download known for Rain Man (), My Best Friend’s Wedding () and Entrapment (). Unlimited HD streaming and downloads; Thousands of movies and TV shows; Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Special Offer: $3/month for 6 months.

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LisaGay Hamilton Virginia Mapes. There is http://replace.me/8151.txt reason this movie never found an audience; because it is fundamentally dishonest. This movie has not yet been reviewed by any Videspace user. Related news.


Swing vote 1999 download

Return policy: Returnable until Jan 31, For the holiday season, returnable items purchased between October 11 and December 25, can be returned until January 31, The ruling of the court, the majority “opinion” was put forth as compromise. Get to Know Us.


Swing vote 1999 download


See more at IMDbPro. Photos 6. Top cast Edit. Andy Garcia Joseph Michael Kirkland. Harry Belafonte Will Dunn. Robert Prosky Chief Justice. Ray Walston Justice Clore Cawley. James Whitmore Daniel Morissey. Albert Hall Justice Hank Banks. LisaGay Hamilton Virginia Mapes. Margaret Colin Linda Kirkland. Tracey Ellis Marley Terrell. Michael O’Keefe Arthur Jacklyn.

Constitution and the Catholic Church holds that it is of the preeminent moral value. The Pro-Choice argument is weak when the convicted person claims to have aborted because it was her choice at that time; she was against abortion and wanted at a later date to have children when it was convenient.

Life is not a matter of time or convenience. This film is prophetic because in was shown on TV April Roe could be overturned and abortion laws reverted back to the States.

The ruling of the court, the majority “opinion” was put forth as compromise. There is no sense, I suppose, in pointing out that compromise is inherently wrong – it is too much an accepted part of our unconsidered cognitive failure. As if a robber should be entitled to half of your belongings because he wants it all and you want to give up none. Well, let’s avoid violence, criminality, prisons, all that unpleasant stuff. Let’s compromise The supposed key issue, the care of children, barely got a moment of ardent lip service; and it’s solution, that states must be responsible for the irresponsibility or criminal behavior rape, incest, etc.

The sophistry that purports to illuminate individual rights simply ignores the right of the innocent while protecting the entitlement of the irresponsible. There is no just way to place a time limit on ending an innocent life.

Certainly, no person who is going to end the life of a child need wait until that child has become recognizable as human life. Ah, but we must not rush the right of indifference, convenience, selfishness, execution.

The “angst” of the main character was dressed up like a lady, but it was throughoutand is in the end a donkey in a dress. There was no conflict, only a show of pretending consideration. There were some brilliant moments, a great deal of cynicism, and a conclusion that could never have come from a passionately caring, adoptive father.

There is a reason this movie never found an audience; because it is fundamentally dishonest. It simply reaffirms “rights,” both given and taken, that already exist. Those who were hopeful that supreme court justices could act ethically, at least on film, will be greatly disappointed. One person found this helpful. Superb acting, Andy Garcia deserves an Oscar. This production represents for me one of the best treatments of a very delicate and controversial topic in the U.

There are so many points of view from all sides of the argument that a complete presentation of all points of view would be difficult, if not impossible. This production, however, did as good a job as I have seen with this basic conflict of ideas and morals in our U. Perhaps if it were brought back in prime time TV and the hard liners on both sides were forced to watch it everyone would benefit greatly.

La eterna pugna entre la libertad de la madre de disponer de su cuerpo y el derecho a la vida del feto. Realmente la recomiendo. Translate review to English.

You have to see this movie – regardless of how you feel about abortion – the analysis of the decision is eloquent! My husband and I are on different sides of the argument and we both found appreciation in the thoughtful critical thinking. Attention all teachers: this film should be seen in the classroom. Under the guise of equal argument, it was clear from the first 5 min.

Also, Andy being the boss sure made himself visible and passionate, also giving himself the heraldic decision read while the pro-life dissenting opinion is drowned out by music and cut short. Did you really think it would be easy finding pro-life material here? See all reviews. During his teens, Bass began work on a novel, which he entitled Voleur. He completed this work at age 17 and showed it to his English teacher.

He took her critique of his first completed project quite hard. She described the writing as very good, but she felt that it was too personal to be published. LisaGay Hamilton Virginia Mapes. Margaret Colin Linda Kirkland. Hallie Eisenberg Jenny Kirkland.

Tracey Ellis Marley Terrell. Michael O’Keefe Arthur Jacklyn. Hedy Burress Callie McPherson. Michael Jackson Self. Patty Lotz News Anchor 1. Joe Drago Mapes Council. Dale Harimoto Field Reporter 1. Tom Urich Field reporter 2. Don Pugsley Marshall Cryer. Videospace uses cookies, Read more about privacy policy. Add new entry from keyword. Click “create new” create new.

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