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Neverwinter nights 2 download pc

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Safety and satisfaction. Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete. Welcome back to Neverwinter! Bards sing tales of heroes in ages past, but they rarely mention those that are yet to become heroes. One such hero is a farmer in the small village of West Harbor. Raised by the elven ranger, Daeghun, as his own child, our hero will embark on a grandiose quest agai User reviews.

Product details. System requirements. Raised by the elven ranger, Daeghun, as his own child, our hero will embark on a grandiose quest against the King of Shadows. Neverwinter Nights 2 is the tale of his deeds. His adventures continue in Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer. Our protagonist discovers that an ominous spell has fallen on him. A curse of perpetual hunger–one which can only be quelled by consuming the souls of spirits.

In order to remove the curse, he has to travel to the Shadow Realm, which harbors dark secrets and tormented souls. Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir gives as a breather from grand quests of destiny and epic ordeals. You simply assemble a group of four adventurers either by carefully picking out each of their statistics and skills or by randomly re-rolling your characters until you find the ones that suit you and go where the wind takes you. Just make sure to get a good look at the map as you will need it to explore the wide open region of Samarach and the Sword Coast.

Then, yet another adventure: in an ancient and forgotten tomb you found an unusual mask. It made you quite powerful but changed your life into a living nightmare.

Strange, terrifying visions torment your psyche. Every time you try to get rid of the accursed mask, it secretly makes its way back to you. There’s just one solution: set sail for Westgate and discover the secret of the Night Masks in Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate. Create your characters any way you wish, choosing from a wide variety of races and subraces, such as Tiefling and Aasimar.

As if the pre-made campaigns weren’t enough, you can take the reins and use the powerful Obsidian Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset to make your own adventures and share them with friends!

Rediscover many familiar locations and reunite with your companions from the Neverwinter Nights series. More than hours of immersive adventure across four campaigns, all rendered in breathtaking detail. Minimum system requirements:. Recommended system requirements:. Game details. Role-playing – Adventure – Fantasy. Works on:. Release date:. Forum discussion. Game features. You may like these products. In library In cart Soon Wishlisted. Something went wrong. Try refresh page. There are no reviews yet.

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BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Play through the main campaign and the six additional, completely free DLC adventures for a total of over hours of content. Experience the Forgotten Realms on your own or with friends in a grand adventure. The game feels a lot like WoW in terms of controls, magical spells options, and item usage.

The 3D graphics make this adventure game even more compelling, especially when you enter the battle sequences against numerous hostile units at a time. Join forces with friends to take on the unknown with your heroes. While there are differences between this and its PC port, players will have a blast venturing through dark lands to unlock new characters, skills, and missions.

Build a kingdom. Collect resources. Do more. Open multiple instances and play the same game from different accounts. Write a set of commands to execute a series of actions that you want to automate. Bind it to one key and you are done. Experience crisper graphics and smoother animations. Look for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in the search bar at the top right corner. Click the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition icon on the home screen to start playing. BlueStacks is an app player with a library of over 2 million Android games and apps.

Download BlueStacks today and see why millions of Android gamers are ditching smartphones and using PC and Mac instead. With a PC app player, you can use your gaming rig to its full potential and enjoy even the most demanding games. You can quickly and easily adjust the controls to your liking with the help of the Advanced Keymapping function. You can easily program your gamepad, keyboard, or mouse with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Save your current control preferences and restore them at any time.

One of the best parts of playing video games is demonstrating your prowess or lack thereof to your friends and family. If you want to record gameplay, all you have to do is download BlueStacks and activate the Recording feature.

The file is saved in a common video format, making editing and uploading a breeze. Does your game need more polish and realism? Now supports concurrent bit and bit applications.

With BlueStacks 5, you can get started on a PC that fulfills the following requirements. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. BlueStacks respects your privacy and is always safe and secure to use. It does not carry any malware, spyware, or any sort of additional software that could harm your PC. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher.

Windows 10 is recommended. Role Playing Beamdog. Game Features Enhancements. Focus more on the fun part of the game, skip the tedious aspects. Record yourself completing the monotonous tasks you wish to automate and replay them later with just one keypress.

Speed up the rerolling process in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Perform multiple summons and keep looking for the best Heroes. Use Multi-Instance sync to replicate the rerolling mechanism in all instances. Eco Mode. Farm in-game resources with ease in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Enable the Eco Mode when running the game in multiple instances. And lower your PC’s resource consumption.

Multi Instance Sync. Sync the action of the main instance and repeat them in real time for all other instances. Sync and sit back, let the game progress unfold. Multi Instance Build a kingdom. Read Less Read More. Similar Games. Raziel Dungeon Arena. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. Epic Seven. Path to Nowhere. It is engineered to optimize speed and performance for a seamless gaming experience. You must be an Administrator on your PC. Click to Install.


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