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Need for speed 2 pc games free download

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Reviewed by Anonym — I just played this game I appreciate I have noticed you did not share system requirements There are many ways you could help us, but what we really need right now are translators. User rating: Average rating: 3. Please, register or log in to rate this game!

Review Comments 0 Screenshots 11 User reviews 1 Extras 0. Game review No review yet. In the original, you had a few tracks, and then you had the roads Alpine, City, Coast. I had a lot more fun driving the roads, especially in a head-to-head match with oncoming traffic. You can choose to have oncoming traffic in the NFS 2 tracks, but it’s not the same.

You can’t do that in a track race. Enhanced, no doubt about it. This is really the only major revision that stood out enough to get my attention. Of course, the graphics in the original NFS were outstanding for its day two years ago! The overall look is crisper, the animation smoother, the colors richer, and the details more noticeable, even on my lowly Diamond Stealth The only bad part is that there are no pixelated deer standing by the side of the road for you to try to turn into roadkill didn’t anyone ever make a patch that would allow you to hit those deer in the NFS Alpine track?!

This is EA we’re talking about, so as you can guess, the sound is outstanding. Great quality, rocking music, and I swear that when I was driving the Isedra, the squeals from my tires were eerily in harmony with the ethereal background music Nice illustrations, a fairly thorough description of game options, but nothing else worth mentioning.

The crisp graphics and excellent sound make Need for Speed 2 a solid game by anybody’s standards. Nevertheless, prepare to be a little disappointed with the gameplay if you’re a big fan of the original Need for Speed.

If you’ve never played the original and are looking for a fun head-to-head arcade racer, you may want to start with Need for Speed and wait a while on the sequel. Last year’s smash hit racing game now has a sequel: 8 new cars, new international tracks, new graphics, arcade and simulation modes, and car customization are all highlights of this second generation title. But does this game live up to the reputation of the orginal Need for Speed , or will it leave you wanting more?

The first Need for Speed was solid. It had cool tracks, cars that were available to the general public, and decent gameplay. The graphics were decent and the game was downright fun. All they needed to do for this game to be a success was to add a few new cars, some new tracks, clean up the graphics a tad, and tighten the controls.

No problem, right? Apparently not. In fact, the sequel falls far short of the strengths of the original game. Let’s start off with the cars. The thing I liked about the original game was that the cars were not untouchable.

Sure, they were all big dollars, but I had seen every one of the cars on the road at least once. Not only have I never seen any of these cars, I have never even heard of half of them. I guess it does not matter whether I have seen these cars in everyday life or not. That adds to the fantasy of video gaming. But I thought it was neat to be able to identify with the cars in the orginal Need for Speed.

Since you are probably not familiar with the cars, you can watch a video of the car in action or view still shots of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this was also done better in the original game. The videos are short and didn’t really show the cars very much. They reminded me of the little MTV commercials that are seconds long and don’t really show much of anything. The still shots were better. You did get a good view of the car from different angles. The best part about NFS2 is the different tracks.

They ranged from oval raceways to longer tracks taking you through small towns or desert scenes. The tracks had a good variety of straight-aways and turns, and most were also quite lengthy so your laps would take some time to complete. Also, on some tracks, there were bumps placed strategically in the road that would let you catch some serious air.

This was cool at first, but became rather annoying when this started happening around corners. If you are in the process of turning and hit one of these, it is almost guaranteed that your car will spin through the air like a helicopter blade.

On the negative side, I found the control to be completely lacking. The game has two modes of gameplay. They are Arcade and Simulation.

Arcade mode allows for power sliding and your car sticks to the road better. Simulation mode is more true to the capabilities and handling of the cars. While there was a difference in some area between the two modes, one area shared a common problem: braking. In Arcade mode, if you used either your brake or hand brake, your car would violently jerk in the direction you are turning, almost as if you had a tire blow out. You spent more time trying to correct the car and that almost inevitably would cause you to overcompensate.

Once you were overcompensating, it took everything you had to get going in the right direction. In Simulation mode, this problem only occurs when using the hand brake. If you use the regular brake, you will keep heading in the direction you are facing.

I did find that the best way to compensate for the braking was to use walls, buildings, and guardrails to help me corner. Sure, it slowed me down, but it was no worse than trying to pull out of a fish tail. Despite all the problems I had braking, I will say that the steering control was tight. The car would go where you told it to on straight-aways which was vital’you do a lot of passing at high speed. There were times that I passed within centimeters of other vehicles and did not hit them.

If the steering were as bad as the braking, the game would be almost unplayable. The game was not all that bad. Once you did get the hang of things and made adjustments, like using walls to help you turn, you could actually find some of the fun that made the first game a success. The AI of the computer-controlled cars was not bad, and they were definitely competitive on the Advanced setting. More than once, I had a competitor car give me a tap that would send me spinning. The computer was definitely no push over.

Need for Speed II offered three modes of play, and I found one to be quite enjoyable. The modes are Single Race, which is just a race on the track of your choice. The second was the Tournament. This was a collection of all of the tracks, in which you have to finish first on the first track before you can advance to the second and so on. King 0 point.

Hi guy how do I download this game I missed this game I tried to download this game but it’s not working plz help. Helinux -1 point. Pal -3 points. I’m still playing it. I can say that’s one of The true NFS, not as modern stuff which mostly made for the profit. FUSO -1 point. CLA -4 points. This game has a very minimalistic engine with scarce possibilities and bad control.

Babar 3 points. Awad 1 point. Chopra 1 point. SUBIR -4 points. Please help. He intentado de todo en Windows 10 – 97 Bits y nada. No funciona, da error al ejecutarlo. Ghoulflier 0 point. RAVI: I have the same issue. Must be some change in Windows 10 Updates. It has always worked before. Ravi 4 points. I am running windows 10 64 bit edition. WindowsXPDude56 1 point. K LAZ 0 point. Mon grand 1 point. R 0 point. R 2 points. Brown 0 point. Moiz -2 points. Eseh 0 point.

Wuwz 2 points. How come this EA game is still available to download? Not that I complain, the opposite! I got it from a shop in and was so happy when I played it on my dx desktop Ikaram 1 point. Need for speed is my best and liked game. Oldboy 0 point. Need for speed 2 should be built for new version windows like window 7 window 10 etc so that beneficiaries may enjoy its scenes. John 0 point.

Why can’t anybody spell here? But this game is awesome. Played it a lot when I was a kid. Abran DRozario -2 points. Daud 1 point. Hamza 3 points. Sam 0 point. Sayyed Asad Ali Shah 0 point. I was used to play with sweet and most beloved cousins every time when they were come to our house Ynigo Alenjandro Veneracion 1 point.

SunburstWolfgang 2 points. Win 10 Pro bit, OS build – just got this working. Basically, follow the directions above. Download the RIP version. Download nglide 1.

Again, follow the directions above but before I ran the game successfully I had to run the patch. Ignore all errors I rec’d errors after each patch – didn’t matter.

Then run the game. Abd MajizZ 1 point. Javeria Rehman 1 point. AB 1 point. TimS -3 points. I did not have to use anything else.

Runs great! It only runs properly in a window, but dgVoodoo2’s control panel allows you to force a larger window size.

Jai 0 point. Zahoor Ahmad -1 point. This game is very older but interesting. I have run it on widows Xp. Lets play on windows. Thanks you for giving data of this game. Syed 0 point. Masterjedi 1 point. Best racing game ever! The newer games can’t compare to the classic. Watch out for that T-Rex! Thanks for uploading this game :. Hamid khan 0 point. AnklaX 0 point. I can run the game but I want a little more. I want the whole game with soundtracks and videos.

It crashes the game. If I copy those files and choose to not overwrite, I see no changes. Is there a way to get the whole game?

Hey I just want to point out, if you have any trouble mounting the BIN file, you can use AnyBurn to convert it to a mountable ISO file, the program is free and without restrictions. ALI 4 points. Ammar Ch 0 point. This is my favorite old game i am many time find this game butt it cold not find this game so this game best game. Hi Everybody, I did not find out file glide. If know so give me suggestion.

Jami 0 point. Wow, superb game, such a brilliant game, Its my old game, I was played this game when i child. Now i have downloaded again this game and play again. Bantu 2 points. This is the first car racing game which I played in the first computer of my family I looking for this a long time now finally i can have it. Tanim -5 points. Dutit Arnav 1 point. Roman Swati -2 points. I want need for speed game for the last 8 years kindly tell me how i can download it for windows 10 I am from Pakistan i shall be very thankfull to u for this act of your kindness Thanks.

Muhammed Ijaz -3 points. Jerry 1 point. Sallu Bhai 1 point. Arv 1 point. If you encounter problems please refer to the reference card”. Any ideas for next steps please..??? Husnain ahmed -1 point. Tim 2 points. The Windows 10 patch didn’t work for me. And when I try and open autorun. Grumpy 2 points. Noob -4 points. Im a total noob can someone help?? FAHAD 1 point. TehStig 3 points. On christmas that year I got the full game and I played it a lot. Sharmin Binte 0 point. Harrdwaree 0 point.

Tray 3 points. Syeda Laiba Zahra 2 points. Naveen Kumar -1 point. AHMAD 0 point. Rebel 1 point. Giganag 1 point. Thanks masters.



Download Need for Speed II: SE (Windows) – My Abandonware


This was the first racing game на этой странице Need For Speed Series. Nfs Download its Full Setup in a single link. It is an old game need for speed 2 pc games free download will remind you of childhood memories. NFS 2 was once a most played racing game. Electronic Arts one of the initial successes was due to this game.

This is still a very addicting game. Remember the FZR racing car? The multiplayer mood was very much enjoyed in this game.

People often ссылка на страницу on the need for speed 2 racing. I also used to do this. Graphics and sounds are a little old in the game, but I still love to play this incredible game. You can switch it inside the car, near the rear, or just outside the racing car. Music and gaming controls are very good nfs2se patch zip download. I have personally tried to install the setup. It нажмите чтобы узнать больше fine on XP and Windows 7.

But Windows 8 is not compatible. So excited to play? It is highly compressed. The setup is complete and fully working. It resumes able direct link for NFS 2. FZR car and Hollywood racing tracks are the best. Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8,8. Gta 5 Download Here. Spider Need for speed 2 pc games free download Remastered. Tekken 3 PC Game.

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Need for Speed 2 SE PC Game – Free Download Full Version

For me the settings dont save. Tamabe 0 point. Granted, NFS 2 includes a warning light that blinks if you head the wrong way, but why should you need it? This was cool at first, but became rather annoying when this started happening around corners. Bbulbulagha 0 point. I have this game plus more that uses the 3dfx.

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