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Despite the slow pace and stilted sprites, the killer moves, courts, and players will keep you dunkin’ like a cop at a donut shop. Billed as two games in one, this disc actually serves up the same gameplay in two scenarios. In the NBA Hangtime mode, you choose from all 27 NBA teams with three real players each and hit the court for standard hoops in a standard arena.

In the intriguing World Tour mode, you pick a team from 12 countries like Canada and Tahiti, playing on a different court for each. World Tour teams consist of fantasy players like Smedley from England, and some squads even have female players! Each scenario offers ordinary two-on-two gameplay though adapted to the half-court game and the expected Exhibition, Season, and Playoff modes. The court heats up with an exciting array of special moves such as spins and super passes and dunks that you control with multibutton taps.

Experienced Jammers will relish the opportunity to choose exactly how they dunk in their opponent’s face. The functional, easily learned controls support the long move list, but memorizing the button presses requires some studying.

Graphically, this game couldn’t have a prettier wrapping. Once you hit the court, however, the graphics become less impressive in a hurry. The realistic backgrounds, especially in the World Tour, spice up the action, but the tiny sprites lack detail, and the animation is so choppy that you’ll think a strobe light is flickering during the dunks.

Even worse, the players move with a staggering slowness that nba maximum hangtime pc download the intensity. Fortunately, the hefty hip hop tunes and feisty announcer keep the action rolling, overcoming the flat grunts and ball sounds.

If rough nba maximum hangtime pc download don’t saw away at your fun, Hangtime’s nba maximum hangtime pc download dunks and half-court gameplay provide a fresh change of pace. The adjustable difficulty and wide range of teams should keep the challenge constant — just don’t expect the sharp sprites and run-n-gun fun of NBA Jam. Don’t you love made-up sports? Most major sports have come about through a process of evolution, and can be traced back to amusing games played in ancient times with an enemy tribe’s detached genitals like snooker or their dismembered body like Cluedo.

But others are just made up from scratch, becoming inexplicably popular. Look at Fives: a bunch of public schoolboys whack a ball against a wall in the playground with their hand, and other public schools have a duplicate wall built to play it. It’s lucky my school wasn’t a public school, otherwise there’d now be a sport that entailed перейти about in a circle, throwing a fork into the air.

The rules are: get out of the way and you’re a chicken; stay where you are and you end up with the respect of your school-fellows but a head like a pepper pot. Most made-up sports come from America, devised by TV networks.

When we were kids, we thought we’d made up roller-hockey, but someone else had got there first. But we did make up going-down-a-slide-on-a-bicycle-with-the-inner-tubes-taken-out. If we’d been American and worn bobble hats it could’ve been an Cextreme’ sport. But the one that would make the Pepsi ads would be the one at my mate’s school in Shepherd’s Bush, which involved sprinting across the Westway, dodging traffic. There were many fatalities, which should qualify it for the Cextreme’ label.

Luckily, it was before the days of computer games, or Frogger would’ve been blamed. I’m rambling on about made-up games because Williams’ conversion of an arcade basketball game is almost here, and there isn’t much to say about it. It’s a two-a-side game, which was itself I think made up a few years back as a quick TV-based money-spinner in the States – there were two-a-side games, shooting-from-set-position games, and so on.

All for big money. We’ve already seen a couple of computerised versions nba maximum hangtime pc download this sort on the consoles, with outrageous special moves that have you hanging in the air like a pantomime fairy, slamming the ball into the basket with your feet above nba maximum hangtime pc download head, and so on. Williams’ offering is arcade perfect, even down to the fact that you ‘buy in’ to the game to start it.

The point is to pick a couple of players from the team of your choice, and see how many games in succession you can win. And the longer your winning run continues, the better you are. There’s a high-score table, percentage points table, and plenty of other opportunities to get onto various high-score tables. The sprites are well animated and huge almost as big as the actual nba maximum hangtime pc download.

The crowd are noisy and the arcade presentation is identical to the original. The whole thing looks like it should be at the back of a chip shop, surrounded by teenaged delinquents with mid Atlantic nba maximum hangtime pc download.

On the originality scale, it ranks somewhere down there with the “knock-knock” joke, but it definitely has the pizzazz necessary to keep the kids cornin’ back for more. A couple of the differences are that the Hangtime characters look a little more realistic, and that obnoxious announcer has changed.

Essentially, though, this is no nba maximum hangtime pc download than another NBA Jam clone; the up-side being that this means lots of action and dazzling dunks. NBA Hangtime and its sister opus. Open Ice, will start showing up on the console later this year. This is definitely not your father’s NBA. Well, minus Jordan, Barkley, or Shaq, that is. You are placed in a 2-on-2, full court, anything-goes environment where for some strange nba maximum hangtime pc download the crowd always seems to root against you.

I guess you could almost say the NBA stars may have nba maximum hangtime pc download processed through the comic book oven and transformed into the Wonder Twins, form of freaks of nature.

You’d best not possess a fear wars 2015 download pc heights, as the players soar to dizzying elevations to produce Sportscenter-esque dipsy-doo dunkeroos. You start NBA Hangtime by entering your password. Then, off you go attempting to defeat each and every one of the 29 NBA teams in order to become a Grand Champion. You start out with the patsies Boston, Vancouver, etc. The computer does not like to nba maximum hangtime pc download it up easy, though.

You may choose to use any team in the league. Each team has nba maximum hangtime pc download combinations to choose from нажмите чтобы прочитать больше five representatives.

You may switch your team from game to nba maximum hangtime pc download, or you can become your very own Http:// Franken and create a player from scratch. The selection is varied — some 50 or so characters to choose from including the game designers and Martians, werewolves, pigs, chickens, basically all the naturally basketball-inclined creatures of the earth and beyond.

Don’t forget the secret codes which can be entered on the nba maximum hangtime pc download screen, taking you to different arenas, characters and options. This hoops game is a translation from an arcade hit of the same name. It is relatively straightforward when it comes to strategy: take the ball to the rack, baby. Power is a big aspect to this game, especially when it comes to ball handling and defensive thievery. Mount Motumbo is one strong cat and is able to knock people all over the court, making getting by him very difficult.

It makes it tough to play those masters of brutality, the Knicks, also. One thing the computer does seem to enjoy is close games. As you try to conquer Scottie Pippen and The Worm, Dennis Rodman, and jump out to an early lead, the computer tightens its defense while in turn its shots seem to start falling with increased regularity.

It can be quite frustrating. Two distinct, yet similar strategies can alter your offensive success: 1 If you can get yourself or your teammate three consecutive buckets without the other жмите scoring, he will become “on fire. If you can hit “team fire” you should only take three-pointers and try to pull away. This style of action is not a new format, it’s clearly reminiscent of NBA Jam or even an earlier game — Archrivals.

The graphics are not spectacular, but they suffice. When you have all four players about feet off the floor near the hoop, it’s hard to tell what’s what смотрите подробнее the Gulf War Infrared night vision binoculars. At some angles the players will look like a miscreant high schooler’s attempt at reanimation using sugar cubes.

Rhyme provides the backdrop for the game’s statistical screens and pre-game with a nifty little rap about the game. Nba maximum hangtime pc download gameplay, the commentator nba maximum hangtime pc download to a bare-bones approach of announcing names and helpfully letting you know when your teammate is “raising up. Otherwise not much else happens. I seem to be having deja vu when playing this game, only it just doesn’t seem to be as good as the first time.

That said, this game is relatively entertaining albeit one-dimensional. If you are looking for a simulation or sense of realism, turn right around and head back nba maximum hangtime pc download you came from. However, if you are looking for an escape into high-flying no-brainer fun, you’re here. I think the game would be better enjoyed playing a human counterpart and may be a big hit with узнать больше youngsters who seem to thrive nba maximum hangtime pc download ’90s-style basketball — dunk and dunk some more.

Therefore, the Richter Scale registers a mid-range rumble at Wobbly-skulled giants trudge around the court in this silly basketball game where a ‘create player’ option lets you play приведенная ссылка a pig, which seems somehow fitting.

It’s all stupid super-moves, 50 foot leaps and exploding baskets, rather than anything resembling a real sport. Those who enjoyed Batman And Robin might consider it ‘awesome’, which says it all!

Rubbish arcade basketball game conversion with silly power moves and players with wobbly heads. Well worth a miss. The problem here is that two-on-two basketball gets very boring, very quickly. Even with a cheats list, your attention will soon wander. If you haven’t Jammed in a while, NBA Hangtime hits the court with fresh features nba maximum hangtime pc download addict you all over again. The benches are loaded with a large selection of top NBA players excluding a few superstars like Shaqso you can choose your squad from five-man rosters.

Beyond the usual turbo, dunk, pass, nba maximum hangtime pc download, and steal moves, you’ll also find rowdy moves like double dunks, alley-oops, spins, and fadeaways. The excellent create-a-player option lets you put your name in lights, while the responsive, undemanding controls stand by your side throughout.

As far as graphics go, colorful, realistic sprites and courts deliver snazzy hoops action. The sounds, however, fall flat on their face with a lousy announcer and flat ссылка effects.

However, Hangtime’s formula is unquestionably a blast, supplying enough cool features to deserve some game time. A Jam-style two-on-two dunkfest, NBA Hangtime boasts of the NBA’s finest, pulling off god-like, high-flying moves they only wish they could perform in real life. Players somersault in the air, double-dunk, throw multiple alley-oops on the same play, посмотреть еще knock each other dizzy.



Nba maximum hangtime pc download


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Capture a web page as nba maximum hangtime pc download appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. All NBA teams, each featuring 4 players to choose from, are included along with fast paced, over-the-top basketball, disregarding the normal rules of the game but including fouls and out of bounds.

You can also create your own player, with a collection of body parts and clothing to choose from. From Mobygames. Original Entry. When the game is running, hit F2 to get to the internal service menu. Hit F2 again to “close” the service switch so that you won’t hanngtime stuck in the menu. Now, navigate to the “Volume Adjust” option following the directions provided and adjust the volume. When adjusted, simply exit the menu. Uploaded by Sketch the Cow on April 11, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

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