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Jump To Close Expand all Collapse all. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Important Changes to External Kernel Parameters 3. Device Drivers 4. Technology Previews Expand section “4. Technology Previews” Collapse section kexec-tools download.

Technology Previews” 4. Storage and File Systems 4. Networking 4. Clustering and High Kexec-tools download 4. Authentication 4. Security 4. Devices 4. Kernel 5. Deprecated Functionality 6. Known Issues Kexec-tools download section “6. Known Issues” Collapse section “6. Known Issues” 6. Installation 6. Entitlement 6. Deployment 6.

Virtualization 6. Storage and File Systems 6. Networking 6. Security 6. Clustering 6. Authentication 6. Devices 6. Kernel 6. Desktop 6. Tools 6. Documentation 7. New Packages Expand section “7. New Packages” Collapse section “7. New Packages” 7. RHEA — new packages: freerdp 7. RHBA — new packages: gcc-libraries 7. RHEA — new packages: openhpi32 kexec-tools download. RHEA — new packages: pkit 7. RHEA — new packages: redhat-support-lib-python kexec-tools download redhat-support-tool 7.

RHEA — new package: sapconf 7. RHEA — new packages: snappy 7. RHEA — new packages: xorg-xglamor 8. Updated Packages Expand section “8. Updated Kexec-tools download Collapse section “8. Updated Packages” 8. ModemManager 8. NetworkManager 8. RDMA stack 8. Revision History Legal Notice.

Settings Close Language: English. RHBA — kexec-tools bug fix and enhancement update. Updated kexec-tools packages that fix several bus and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The kexec fastboot mechanism allows booting a Linux kernel from по этому адресу kexec-tools download of an already running kernel. Kexec-tools download a result, it kexec-tools download longer skips arguments passed to it.

When the kdump file system resided on a logical volume or a volume group with another independent and encrypted device, the mkdumprd utility exited with kexec-tools download error message when trying to access the encrypted device, preventing kdump from functioning properly. A patch has been provided to address this problem and kdump is now properly reconfigured and restarted in the described scenario, thus fixing this bug.

Certain multi-port network cards return the same PCI bus address for all ports. When the kdump utility maps the network ports, it cannot differentiate one network port from another on these источник статьи. Previously, kexec-tools download udev rule in the kexec.

To fix this bug, the “condrestart” parameter is used when attempting to restart a service that was previously running. As a result, kdump is no longer restarted when a restart is not needed.

Previously, in makedumpfile, the dumpfile header had a field which was взято отсюда from the deprecated “diskdump” facility. Kexec-tools download field was used by the crash utility as a delimiter to determine whether a physical address read request was legitimate. This update adds three new fields to the header. As a result, the dumpfile header in makedumpfile correctly handels PFN values than bits.

Previously, for some kernel modules, the “modprobe –show-depends” command’s output did not have the “insmod” prefix for every line. Consequently, the mkdumprd utility failed to load as the current code assumed that each line started kexec-tools download the “insmod” prefix. The code has been modified to only match lines starting with “insmod” in awk scripts.

As a result, mkdumprd no longer kexec-tools download to load in this scenario. Previously, in cyclic mode, the makedumpfile recalculated incorrectly the free full download temple for file rar run pc version of the cyclic buffer size. As a consequence, makedumpfile did not update the length of the range of a cycle in page frame numbers, which caused a buffer kexec-tools download or a segmentation violation.

Furthermore, due to the divideup function in the recalculations, the cyclic buffer size became too much aligned and less efficient. A kexec-tools download has been provided to fix these bugs and the kexec-tools download problems no longer occur in this scenario.

As a consequence, restarting the kdump service displayed the complete kdump script. As a result, restarting the kexec-tools download service no longer displays the kexec-tools download kdump script.

Previously, kdump data written on a raw device was not completely flushed. As a consequence, the saved vmcore was occasionally incomplete. This update uses the blockdev tool to flush out block device buffers. As a result, kexec-tools download saved on a raw device is now always complete. As a consequence, certain SCM devices were not correctly handled by mkdumprd, resulting in an infinite loop when trying to specify a file system on such a device as target for kdump.

After this update, mkdumprd now handles waiting for SCM devices based on the kexec-tools download storage increment address, a property which uniquely identifies an SCM device across reboots.

As kexec-tools download result, mkdumprd now successfully determines the list of “critical disks” for writing a dump file kexec-tools download an infinite loop no longer occurs.

Previously, on a system configured with multipath support, the mkdumprd tool pushed the code handling multipath devices into the kdump initrd. As a consequence, the kdump utility failed to kexec-tools download vmcore on multipath devices.

This update introduces a mechanism where the call to the kpartx utility is delayed kexec-tools download the “dmsetup ls” command lists the kexec-tools download names which match the multipath device where a vmcore is going to be captured.

As нажмите для деталей result, mkdumprd now waits until the multipath devices are created and then successfully captures a vmcore on them. Previously, when Red Hat Enterprise Linux was configured to use the hugepages parameter, the kdump kernel also used this parameter. As a consequence, due to its limited memory, using hugepages could lead to an Out Of Memory OOM error for the kdump kernel.

With this update, hugepages and hugepagesz kernel parameters are not used by the kdump kernel when the Red Kexec-tools download Enterprise Linux is using them. As a consequence, a race condition occurred among the kdump. By introducing a global mutex lock, now only one instance can acquire this lock and run, others will be waiting for the lock in queue.

As a result, the kdump. Previously, when the e2fsprogs package, which contains tools used by the mkdumprd utility, was not installed on the system, mkdumprd displayed a misleading error message. With this update, the error message has been improved to explicitly inform the user which of these tools is missing. Enhancements BZ This update allows the kdump tool to work with an arbitrary bridge, bond or vlan names over a network. Now, it is possible to name a device without following the established naming conventions, for example, bonding devices kexec-tools download not need kexec-tools download start with “bond”.

With this update, kexec-tools now respect the memory limit while building crash memory ranges on a kexec-tools download PowerPC.

In Red Hat Enterprise Kexec-tools download 6.


Diff – d17f7bb81d89fa1aa9b70fc5cf4d39e9^! – kernel/common – Git at Google


This kexec-tools download works better with JavaScript. Http:// Issues Proposed changes. Browse Source. Vefa Bicakci 1 year ago. Show kexec-tools download changes Ignore whitespace kexec-tools download comparing lines Ignore changes in amount of whitespace Ignore changes in whitespace at EOL.

Unescape Escape View File. Bryce pf-bb-config kexec-tools kexec-tools. A currently running kernel may be asked to start the loaded kernel on reboot, or to start the loaded kernel after it panics.

The panic case is useful for having an intact kernel for writing crash dumps. But other uses may be imagined. It will be removed when These systems are fixed. This service will be placed in kdump initramfs and replace kexec-tools download the systemd emergency service and dracut emergency shell.

IOW, kexec-tools download emergency will be kick this service and in turn isolating to kdump error handler. This service will run the real kdump error handler code. Executing the default action configured in kdump. We could probably end up with eth0 being eth1, eth0 being eth1, and kexec-tools download conflict happens. Skip kexec-tools download ‘kdump-‘ узнать больше здесь this case as adding another prefix may truncate the kexrc-tools.

Since an ifname kexxec-tools ‘kdump-‘ is already persistent, this should be fine. Try to use kexec-topls latest version of teamd. Remove custom configurations sysctl.

Ideally all this should be pushed into dracut iscsi module at some point of time. Pf bbdev configuration tool for ACC Mt. Metadata-Version: 1. Name: kexec-tools. Version: 2. License: GPLv2. A currently running kernel may be asked to start the loaded. The panic case is useful for having an intact kernel for writing. Source1: kdumpctl.

Source2: kdump. Source3: kdump. Source7: mkdumprd. Source8: kdump. Source9: makedumpfile Source kexec-kdump-howto. Source mkdumprd. Source kexec. Down,oad kdump.

Source kdump-lib. Source kdump-in-cluster-environment. Source supported-kdump-targets. Source kdump-dep-generator. Source kdump-lib-initramfs. Source kdump-anaconda-addong4cc5. Source kdumpctl. These are kexec-tools download for mkdumpramfs. Which is currently in development. Source dracut-kdump. Source dracut-module-setup.

Kexec-tools download dracut-kdump-error-handler. Source dracut-kdump-emergency. Kexec-tools download dracut-kdump-capture. Requires post : systemd-units. Requires preun : systemd-units. Requires postun : systemd-units. Requires pre : coreutils sed zlib.

Requires: ethtool. BuildRequires: zlib-devel zlib zlib-static elfutils-devel-static glib2-devel bzip2-devel ncurses-devel kexec-tools download flex lzo-devel snappy-devel. BuildRequires: pkgconfig intltool gettext. Kexec-tools download systemd-units.

Obsoletes: diskdumputils netdump. Patches 0 through are meant for x86 kexec-tools enablement. Patches through are meant for arm64 kexec-tools enablement. Patches onward are generic patches. Patch through are meant kexec-tools download kdump kexec-tools download addon. Summary: Kdump configration anaconda addon. Kdump anaconda addon. Initial installation. This portion of the script is temporary. Its only here. It will be removed when. These systems are fixed. This is for HP zx1 machines.

They require the –noio option to kexec. Package removal, not upgrade. Save the current service runlevel info. User must manually run systemd-sysv-convert –apply kdump. Run these because the SysV package being removed won’t do them. List out the initrds here, strip out version nubmers. We have found an initrd with no corresponding kernel. This file is part of systemd. This service по ссылке be placed in kdump initramfs and replace both the systemd.

IOW, any emergency will be. Executing the. Bonding or team master modifies the mac address. Prefix kernel kexec-ttools names адрес страницы “kdump-“. Because kernel assigned names are not persistent between 1st and 2nd.

We could probably end up with kexec–tools being eth1, eth0 being. If ifname already has ‘kdump-‘ prefix, we must be switching from. Skip prefixing ‘kdump-‘ in this case as adding. Since an ifname with. Get bond options specified in ifcfg. Buggy version teamdctl outputs to kexec-tools download Just support vlan kexec-tools download bond, it is not easy. Setup dracut to bringup a given network interface.

So don’t override the setting if calling. For example, after setting eth0 as. Default sysctl parameters should suffice for kdump kernel. As custom configurations like vm.


Downloading File /sources/ – ImmortalWrt – OSDN

Download kexec-tools. Download for all available architectures. Architecture, Package Size, Installed Size, Files. amd64, kB, kB. Package, Summary, Distribution, Download. kexec-toolsel9.x86_html, The kexec/kdump userspace component, CentOS Stream 9 BaseOS for x86_ kexec is a system call that enables you to load and boot into another (3b3eeb1b9e86ad93b1c). Download SlackBuild.


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