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All rights reserved. The Windows version of this driver was developed by Hauppauge. It contains the following information, the name and location of the driver, the version of the driver, and the entries to be inserted in the registry. Privacy Policy.

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Installation on multiple computers: the WinTV application can be installed on as many PCs as needed as long as you use the same Hauppauge device. So as long as you use the same Hauppauge device, you can install the WinTV application on more than one computer. Record to network drive NAS drive.

When you enable this option, WinTV v10 will automatically move your recordings to a network drive after the recordings are complete, freeing up disk space on your PC. The WinTV v10 application will work, but the drivers will not install without warning messages on Windows 7.

It will also remove any pieces of a previous WinTV version before installing the new version. WinTV v10 runs with Windows 11, but with some older Hauppauge products, you need to turn off the ‘memory integrity’ option on Windows For more information, see the Microsoft website.

If you do not see your Hauppauge product listed, please email us at: techsupport hauppauge. WinTV v10 Users Manual. Click on the setting button Gear in the lower left of the WinTV v10 application. Depending upon which Hauppauge tuner you have, you will have a choice of analog, digital or external inputs see the second picture below.

You can also select all formats and let the WinTV application show you what it finds in each format if anything. The results should look like picture 3 below. When receiving digital TV with a surround sound 5. The sound card will then either decode the 5.

But to hear 5. If your sound card does not have 5. A couple of tips for hearing 5. If your sound card does not support 5. This option sends an undecoded audio stream to your sound card.. If your sound card has 5. Now you will have added analog channel 3 to your channel list. You should see channel 3 listed. Make sure your PC is in Sleep and not Hybernate. For both the Starting and Ending channel use the channel number you want to add. Example, if you want to add Analog channel 3, then select 3 for both the Starting and Ending channel.

Then click Scan. Since you are only scanning one channel, it should find this channel quickly and add it to the channel list. WinTV v10 will try to write a small file to your network folder and then to read it back. If it can read it back successfully, you will see a message ‘Network Connection Successful’ and your Network credentials will be saved in WinTV v10 and used for all recordings.

The WinTV v10 recording is initially saved onto a local disk drive. After the recording is complete, it is copied over to the network NAS drive. When the copy is finished, you can optionally have the original recording deleted from your local disk drive.

In the latest version of WinTV v10, we have added a 5 second wait and retry when copying scheduled recordings to the NAS drive. Speed up network access when there is already a drive mapping. WinTV v10 now tries to copy first without credentials then with credentials, to avoid a 17 second timeout when there is an existing connection to the Network drive.

Browse network location’ button checks if the connection can be made before opening at that location. If it can’t, it opens the default ‘My Computer’ window and blanks the box. Re-uses an existing network connection if a connection is already made when accessing network files. It’s possible that the default audio decoder is not working in your PC. Here’s how you can change audio decoder:. The Hauppauge YouTube channel.

Scan Complete. Windows 10 Wake settings. Then click ‘Next’ in ‘Number’, type 3 in ‘Name’ type 3 or maybe something like ‘Cable box’ click ‘Add’ click ‘Next’ and ‘Next’ Now you will have added analog channel 3 to your channel list. WinTV v10 Introduction click to play video. How to setup an analog video source Click to play video.

How to setup an analog video source channel 3 Click to play video. Wipe out your channel database and rescan for channels click to play video. How to adjust the WinTV audio volume click to play video. Lets fix that! Having a problem with Windows Defender Anti-virus when installing?

Here’s how to temporarily turn off Defender click to play video. How to change the battery in a Hauppauge remote control click to play video.


Wintv aero software download.Support: WinTV v10 TV watching application

In most cases, you will need to reboot your computer in order for the driver update to take effect. The archive contains version 4. Download with DriverMax. Select the Driver tab.


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